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Coaches Supervision and Executive Coaching
Systemic Approach
Corporate Coaching in Belgium and in Europe

"In a few hours, Mr. De Wilde helped us make a jump forward in our strategic thoughts. His neutral, competent and professional look has been determinant in our decision making process. We will certainly call again on his services in the future. " - Pascal Docquegnies - Managing Director - Speech Design Belux

Every leader, team or organisation can find the necessary resources to solve issues they have to deal with, provided they can look at these issues from the right perspective.

My role is to act as a facilitator to help on the one hand supervised coaches and on the other hand executives, leading teams and organisations "transcend" complex situations by offering them a secure place to be listened to and to reflect systemically .

Coaching supervision in Belgium

Areas of intervention include:

·        Individual Coaching Supervision: one-on-one supervision of executives coaches on their coaching practice through a co-reflective process at several levels (external, introspective, relational and systemic).

·        One-on-one Executive Coaching: one-on-one coaching of executives in a development context (taking charge of a new leadership position, leadership deployment, etc.) or in a crisis context (burn out, mid-life crisis, etc.).

·         Executive Team Coaching: coaching of leading teams aiming at collective performance (definition and implementation of vision, development of team skills, etc.) or dealing with a crisis regulatory process (conflict management, power struggles, lack of team dedication, etc.).

·        Corporate Coaching: systemic coaching of entire organisations in a growth context (growth management, merger, change of culture, etc.) or in a crisis context (reorganisation, loss of markets, strong conflicts, etc.).

Executive coaching in Belgium

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